Here is an example of our 2013 prices. It is not meant to be a complete list but a sample of available materials.

All costs are ex works plus VAT at the prevailing rates     

42% Alumina firebrick squares (230x114x76mm)   £1.70

42% Alumina firebrick bonders (230x152x76mm)  £3.50

23 grade Insulation brick squares (230x114x76mm)  £1.65

25 grade Insulation brick squares (230x114x76mm)  £2.30

Wet air setting cement jointing (25kg tub)  £18.00

Mouldable concrete ram 1400C (25kg box) £18.00

Dense castable 1400C (25kg bag)  £15.00

Insulating castable 1250C (25kg bag)  £15.00

Ceramic fibre blanket 1400C (3.6x0.61x0.05m roll)  £63.00

Calcium silicate board (50mm thickness / m2)  £28.00


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