In the early 1970's the choice of cremator models was limited, with 'Shelton' and 'Dowson & Mason' being the most common. At that time Graham Ainscow brought his expertise to the company from 'Dowson & Mason'.

Since the early 1970's Adament has been the forefront in the cremator field, as the main alternative to refractory repairs undertaken by the manufacturers.

As the choice of manufacturers and models have multiplied, Adament retains its role as a low cost, highly reactive alternative in the field of cremator refractory repairs. Typically our costs are half to two thirds of the manufacturer comparable costs.

We undertake works, both directly and via the service engineering contract provider. We tend not to work directly for the manufacturers as they seem to insist on onerous exclusivity agreements. We probably have the widest experience of all cremator makes & models in the UK.   



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